New Disability: Information, Advocacy, and Inclusion Resource Directory

New Disability: Information, Advocacy, and Inclusion Resource Directory

Written by Dawn Kohler

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Why Dawn Created Dmkbooks and Advocacy Resources?

Dawn graduated from Truman State University with BA in Psychology, and a Disability Studies Minor. During college she published two disability inclusion picture eBooks. She quickly realized that she had a passion for advocating and helping people with disabilities, both adults and children. She realized quickly after publishing Why I Laugh: a book about Autism that she wanted to create more picture books for and about children with disabilities. She is currently working full time in facility working with elderly adults with Dementia. Since her job isn’t really related to disability studies Dawn really missed advocating. She also missed researching and learning new information as she had in college. She decided to help people with disability in their day to day lives, by creating a website with resources for people with disabilities.

Dawn has personally dealt with disabilities since she was a young girl who developed chronic migraines. She underwent brain surgery to drain a cyst that wasn’t actually the cause of the migraines but was blocking spinal fluid. In Middle School she learned that the migraines were actually caused by a food sensitivity to nitrates in processed meat and other foods. In college she began having worse migraines again these she found out were caused by MSG as well as stress, and at the time undiagnosed, anxiety and depression. Today Dawn still copes with anxiety, depression and the occasional migraine when she doesn’t stick to her diet. She also has carpal tunnel symptoms brought on by excessive typing of the two novels she published on Amazon.

What Types of Resources are on Dmkbooks and Advocacy Resources?

Dmkbooks Resources for people with disabilities include links to articles with information, testimonials, YouTube videos, books and other resources. The resources are all organized by type of disability or specific disability. For example there is a invisible disabilities link that opens up to have links to specific diagnosis and disorders such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy, OCD and much more. Dmkbooks and Advocacy resources are free to use and always being added too and updated.

Here is a list of the categories with links to their pages on Dmkbooks and Advocacy resources:

On Dmkbooks and Advocacy Resources you will find two picture eBooks written by Dawn Kohler:

Why I Laugh Cover.jpg

Why I Laugh Cover.jpg

This book tells the story of a young boy with Autism as he and his family find out about his disorder. The book explains some of the symptoms of Autism and could be used as bibliotherapy in the classroom.

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Only $3.00 on Amazon

My Extra Chromosome cover..jpg

This story is to help children understand Down syndrome not as a disorder but as something extra that people with Down syndrome have. Listen to Sam as he tells you about his friends and school experiences as a child with Down Syndrome.

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Only $2.99 on Amazon

You will also find two YA novels by Dawn Kohler:

Stranded and Scared Cover.jpg

Our vacation to Madagascar started out just fine that is until the storm rolled in.
Cory and I paddle as fast as we can through the towering waves while making sure none of the kids get washed out of the lifeboat. We only stop to watch when we are a safe distance away. We hear a loud boom and turn to see the sky turn bright orange as the propane tank explodes. We peer through the waves as the mast falls and our boat throws sparks and debris into the storm clouds and surrounding water.
Chris clings to me crying. As we watch, our beautiful White Swan tips over and sinks into the raging ocean. I scan the water looking for the second orange lifeboat. I don’t see it anywhere. I brush away my tears and try to tune out my horrible thoughts. Where are the adults? What if they didn’t escape in time? How will we survive in this ocean without our parents?

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Only $3.99 on Amazon

something afloat cover

Two years after the disastrous Madagascar vacation Sarah and Cory are still dating. After there high school graduation they decide to go on a week long float trip with Sarah’s grandpa on the Bourbeuse River. The trip starts out fun but soon gets dangerous when the group runs into human traffickers and Sarah is kidnapped.

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Only $4.99 on Amazon

What if my disability or disability topic isn’t on the site?

How do I get more resources and information?

Let Dawn Kohler know. Dmkbooks and Advocacy Resources is still expanding, adding many resources every week and branching off with many new topics. Just in the last few days alone Dawn has added more housing resources and is about to add information about Disability Studies programs at universities and great books to read on the social aspects of disability.

Feel free to contact me at any time using my email listed below or the social media pages listed on my site. You will get a quicker response from me using email or Facebook Messenger on my Facebooks page.

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Disability Is A Gift.

Seeing disability as a gift really helps you appreciate the world around you. Before having ganglion cysts on both my wrists and cyst removal and carpool tunnel syndrome I didn’t appreciate how good I had things or how blessed I was to be able to complete a small task like handwashing dishes or tying an email without pain. Now with the limitations that my carpool tunnel has provided me I really appreciate and rejoice in my ability to do a small or medium size task. When I finish I often have some soreness, but knowing I have regained the strength and dexterity to complete them is a gift as is my new appreciation for my ability to complete mundane tasks.