Resources for people with disabilities

I finally got the resource page of up and running I have added sections of Resources:

for people with Autism,
Blindness or Low Vision,
for Children with disabilities,
for people with Cerebral Palsy,
Disability housing resources,
Down Syndrome Resources,
 Employment Rights and Resources,
Rights of people with Disabilities,
Medical information Resources,
Other Disability Resources,
 Social Security Resources
VA Resources.

Please take the time to check it out and forward this to friends who have relatives with disabilities or teachers or medical professionals you know to increase awareness and add to resources that people with disabilities have access to. I also have the links to my four books on the site two of which Why I Laugh and My Extra Chromosome are advocacy and inclusion books for children. Also please like my Facebook page Dawn M Kohler Advocate and Author and Join the Facebook Group Fans of Dmkbooks. I will be posting regular updates and hope to add at least 5 new resources a day. I also have a series of topics in which to right more children’s books about Disability and inclusion.